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Sleep HeadBand - LUX Selection
Sleep HeadBand - LUX Selection
Sleep HeadBand - LUX Selection
Sleep HeadBand - LUX Selection

Sleep HeadBand

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Enjoy Better Sleep with SleepBand Pro's New Technology

This sleep mask features built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can relax and fall asleep faster by listening to soothing music while blocking out light and noise. 

It has been established that listening to peaceful sleep sounds will help you fall asleep up to 2x faster. Every night, listen to your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, and bedtime stories in comfort. 


✓ Speakers - SleepBand Pro's built-in speakers allows no more sore ears from sleeping with regular headphones.

Padded Eye Cover - The thick and soft eye cover lets no light in as you sleep in a comfortable setting.

Bluetooth -  Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to your phone anytime and listen to your favorite music, podcasts, binaural beats, etc.

Noise Cancelation - The SleepBand Pro speakers has built-in noise cancelation to help you sleep with no frustrating noises around you!



Better sleep - According to science, we can influence our sleep by doing these few thing to help ourselves get a better sleep.

Faster sleep -  As a result of these benefits, we also fall asleep faster.

Comfort - The SleepBand Pro has made sure to use material that helps boost our comfort to ensure a great daily usage of the product.

Longer Rem Sleep - Listening sleep music, has scientifically been proven to improve our sleep. It has been observed that by listening to calming music, we get a longer rem stage in our sleep which lets you wake up feeling very refreshed!



Additional Information

 Can I Wash My Band? - Absolutely! All electronic components are removable.

  What is the Battery Life? - We ensured to include up to date technology in the Sleepband to guarantee up to 24 hours of playtime with a single charge!

  Is the Headband easy to sleep in? - The SleepBand Pro is very lightweight and is made of silky material, along with a wrapped shape to cover around your head and ears, to ensure a comfortable sleep.



Shipping Times 

United States: 10-15 Days

Canada: 10-18 Days

Europe: 10-15 Days

Australia/New Zealand: 7-13  Days

Rest of the World: 7-20 Days


Note: Due to COVID-19 there might be slight delays.


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

Our company mission is to be a part of your health journey. This will not happen if you are left unsatisfied. 

✓ Not satisfied? We will give you a full refund!

✓ Any problems? We will send you a replacement free of charge!